Grooming Report February 22nd 2018

Grooming Report For February 22nd

This week we have groomed out Jubilee Rd to Bone Springs, McIntyre Loop, to the store and back twice, out through Morning Creek Snow Park twice , Spout, Andies Prairie to Ruckel, and back Gordon Creek Loop, Balloon Tree loop.  We broke a steering component on the 08 and it is on order, won’t be here until Monday.  The 98 is still running with hay wire on the shut off valve on the engine until we can get a new solenoid.  We have most everything done for the week-end and in good shape.  It groomed really well this week due to cold temperatures and new snow.  The water holes are filled in again at Woodland Crossing and hopefully will hold with the cold temperatures.  The water hole at Spout and TenEyke are holding as well.  We have been in and out of all snow parks this week, some twice.



Jess Thompson TTF grooming  chairman

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