Grooming Report for March 8th


We have groomed Saturday night, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  We have been down to the Chalet to McDougal and back, Coyote (3719 rd) and back pole trail from Spout, to Morning Creek Snow Park to the shed, store and back.  We have been out Jubilee Rd out Elk Trail, Gordon Trail to Skyline and back to Baldy, Powerline trail, to Target Meadows and around McIntyre Loop to the store.  We went up through Spout to Andies Prairie to 31 rd and back Gordon Creek trail and Balloon Tree loop trail.  The weather warmed up on us Wednesday afternoon and we have not done any more since.  It is supposed to get cold at night starting tonight, so we hope to groom to Bone Springs and back yet this week-end.  Spring weather is coming as this week-end through the middle of next week will be warm temperatures in the 40’s during the day, but cold at night.  We will be grooming in the early morning hours at the coldest time of the day if possible.  Watch for water holes as spring time weather is here.

Logging has resumed on the Shumway loop trail, so we will not be grooming in there. Cecil informed me today that the gates are shut and locked on that part of the trail.   To my knowledge logging continues on the Lugar Loop trail.


Jess Thompson TTF grooming chairman

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