Grooming Report for Mid-Week March 21st

We have been out grooming the last 2 days, have done Jubilee Rd, Elk Trail, Skyline, Powerline, Owl Hoot Lane, McIntyre loop, Coyote loop, pole trail, up through Spout, to Woodland, to Andies Prairie out towards Ruckle, past 9 mile and back, Gordon Creek, Balloon Tree.  We have been leaving at 2-3 a.m. to get done by 9-10 when it warms up.  It is supposed to rain starting today through Thursday night with temperatures in the 40’s in the day and staying above freezing at night.  It looks like it might cool down by Saturday looking at the most recent forecast, with some new snow, 1-3 inches, coming.

We are reaching the end of the season with a reminder that April 1 is on a Sunday this year when the 4X4’s will be out on the trails.


Jess Thompson TTF grooming chairman

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