Grooming Report March 2nd

We groomed out to Bone Springs on Jubilee Rd, Skyline Road, Elk Trail, down to Timothy Guard Station, Timothy Short Cut to 6413 rd back to 11A, from 64 road down to Lugar intersection and back, from 204 to Baldy and back 3 times this week, been to the store and back 3 times, McIntyre Loop, into Target Meadows and back,  Coyote Loop, down to McDougal crossing past the Chalet and back, up through Spout Springs, Woodland, Andies, to 31 rd and back twice, to Ruckel and back, in and out of all snow parks twice Morning Creek 3 times. We are concerned about going around Baldy view point as it has drifted heavily and has a large cornice hanging over the east side, so we will discontinue grooming around that point and just use the back side. Everything is in really good shape with 6-10 inches of new snow on the trails and cold temperatures.  It should be a great week-end.  We did have one minor breakdown on the 08, a sprocket drive stud bolt broke off but we got it repaired Wednesday.  We have a part on order for the 98 but the hay wire is still working.


Jess Thompson TTF  grooming chairman

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