Grooming Report March 30th

We have not done any grooming this week as the temperatures have risen and we have had snow and rain on the mountain the first part of the week, as I was on the mountain snowmobiling Tuesday and got wet.  The grandsons thought it fun anyway.  We are done grooming for the year.  Thanks for your patience as this year was up and down temperature wise, snow wise and when we did get snow we got a big dump all at once.  Thanks to my guys this year, Allen, Doug, Kurt, Buckshot, Larry, and Jeff for keeping the trails groomed the best we could and keeping the equipment running.  Remember this Saturday night at midnight it will be April 1 and the 4X4’s will be on the trail.  Be careful.

The final figures for March and for the year are listed below.


We have groomed more than most clubs in the state due to bad conditions statewide.  At least we had snow.


425 miles groomed

62 hours spent grooming

386 gallons fuel burned

2 hours maintenance

1 tree removed

952 miles driven to/from mountain

19.5 hours driving to/from mountain

2017-2018 snow year

1529 miles groomed

242 hours spent grooming

1413 gallons fuel burned

13 hours maintenance

11 trees removed from trail

2574 miles driven to/from mountain

51 hours driving to/from mountain

Thanks for your support

Jess Thompson, TTF grooming chairman

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