January 13th Grooming Report


I was on the mountain on Friday this week.  We have gotten 6-8 inches of new wet snow with a total about 1 1/2 feet at the groomer shed.  The temperature was 39 degrees, too warm to groom and the snow is too wet to work.  It would just ball up into snowballs.  We really need cold weather and more snow, good snow, to groom.  Grooming programs across the state are having the same problem.  Lack of snow and warm temperatures parking most groomers. The rest of the week-end does not look good for grooming as temperatures are going to be in the high 30’s (it is 37 at Tollgate right now, Saturday at 10:30 a.m. with ODOT report of light rain), and night time temperatures are too warm to freeze up the snow.  There is more rain in the forecast the first of next week, warm temperatures.


Wish I had better news.


Jess Thompson TTF grooming chaiarman

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  1. Can you please post a grooming report on the snow line? Maybe indicated which trails were groomed last so riders can plan their trips more effectively. If this information is located somewhere else please let me know.

    Thank you

    • I spoke with Jess, the grooming chariman and he had this reply:
      I don’t know what you really want with actual trail conditions. The reason we did not pull the groomers Thursday and Friday was the deep powder of a foot and a half or more. We were pushing snow in front of us and it was still coming over the top of the front tracks towards the bottom of the cab. It is too much for the snow cats to pull in the deep snow in addition to a drag behind. It overheats the rear ends of the CAT and then we have trouble. The rear ends on these CATS are only like what is in a one ton truck, it is not a farm tractor. We went through plenty of rear ends in the early days with previous Tucker Snow Cats trying to pull the drag and blade snow in front of us in deep powder. Our trails looked good behind us, they were compacted with the powder bar behind us. Also, we needed to blade snow parks and crossings, which had wet snow banked up and is hard to do with the drags connected. The trails were still soft from all the powder and bump out faster in these conditions. We saw a dozen snowmobiles out towards Jubilee Thursday, so they were already starting to bump the trail up before it had time to set up. I just report where we go as conditions can change rapidly depending on traffic on the trail soon after grooming and weather. When we left the mountain the trails looked good.
      I did stop on our return trip home today and check the 4X4 tracks at Ruckle, Rd 31, as they were in there last night on the trail. It isn’t too bad, snowmobiles have leveled the hump out between the ruts. They went back @ 4 miles towards Ruckle. I have reported this to the Forest Service. Not much we can do about it unless someone gets a license number or photo to turn in to the FS.
      I also checked the trail crossing at Lincton Mt. Road as Gary Wood reported a 4X4 stuck up the hill towards McDougal. It is gone.
      Now that we have a set trail, we will be back to pulling the drags next week when it gets cold again.


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