The Groomer Guys Get a Kudos!

This email was sent by Crystal Lambert who owns a cabin down by the Chalet. Here is her letter to the groomers:

From Crystal Lambert:

“Just wanted to give a huge shout out to the groomers.  There is nothing better than hitting the trail home after a day of riding and having it nice and smooth.  Thank you for all your hard work!!”

Please pass this on to your team.  Coincidentally, when my group came back to our cabins after a day of riding out past Bone Springs, I noticed how well the lower trail had held up to the traffic from being groomed very early Sunday morning.  This made our day a little bit better.

Bob Smith recently made the statement “Make The Tollgate Trailfinders Great Again.”  While this may be stolen from President Trump’s campaign, it is worth thinking about and acting on doing things just a little bit better.  There’s been some good work that’s happened over the past couple years and we have to keep that momentum going.  I’m excited about the momentum we have playing in our favor.  The weather is finally cooperating, the Tollgate Store is back open with a friendly staff and great food, we have recently elected an executive team and board members that will be active in making the TTF great again!  Now, it’s up to us to make things even better.  It starts with positive communication and open minds.

Thanks for what your team is doing and have a wonderful week!



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