The Store will be OPEN!!!




Hey All!

I have been asked to put this on the website by a few people, so I will oblige since this is an important piece of news for our community up here.

Well……. the store has been SOLD folks. Ren and Victoria, who run the Blue Mountain Outpost, have been the lucky buyers! They will be having a dinner Saturday night to host the folks at the Tollgate Trail Finders Snowmobile club with our monthly meeting. I know this is mostly for the TTF crowd but this news is just too long in the making not to share it.

They will open tomorrow evening and will host a dinner for the TTF Club. so no potluck this time!

For Sunday they will have the Football Game and festivities will start about 3pm.

I am so happy,, I just might be at the football game. (btw……I am not a fan of football…..sorry) BUT HEY !!!!! YOU ARE ! COME AND SUPPORT THE STORE!


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  1. Wow we’re lucky to have them op store, there great people and great cooks(great service too). A great move forward to improving comerce and activity on the mountain.

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