Meeting Minutes

Trail Finders Minutes March 3rd, 2018. General Meeting

Bob Carrell opened the meeting. The minutes were read and the Treasurer’s report was given. The current balance in the checking account is $10,822.24.

Cecil Berry presented The Snowmobiler of the Year award for 2018 to Brandon and Tammy Christensen recognizing them for their outstanding efforts promoting and representing the Tollgate Trail Finders.

Todays events included the Family Fun Ride to Ruckle Junction and a GeoCache advanced ride.

A Vintage Snowmobile Rally and Show & Shine is scheduled for March 24th & 25th. Sponsored by the Alpine Outpost and Mountain Valley Racing Assoc. The Alpine will be serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!

The Alpine Outpost is mostly open serving from a limited menu. Be sure to stop in and support Ren and Victoria in their new adventure.

The club has received dues from 95 members so far this year and added 3 more tonight.

Groomers report: Finally received some snow, the ’08 needed a new tie-rod. ODOT is looking for a place to park their snow blower. They would like to negotiate with the club in parking it here at the clubhouse and in return they would blow out some of the snow from our parking lot. Jess has 2 culverts to fix at the water spots near Woodland and the summer cabins.

Sheriff officers Rick and Rowan were out checking snowmobile tabs today. They found 11 out of 55 were not in compliance.

Cecil Berry reported that the trails are in great shape. Ruckle grooming was great for the Family Ride today. We will need some summer work parties to reroute the lower trail at the old Corwin place.

We will need to plan on cutting wood for the Ruckle and Bone Springs Shelters this summer. Hopefully the first part of July.

Elections for the 2018-2019 Snowmobile Season:

10 people were nominated for 6 open board positions.

Ballots were passed out, Parliamentarian Dewayne Harvill asked for nominations from the floor and in hearing none voting took place.

The following members were elected with the majority of votes: Cody Smith, Dottie Carrell, Cecil Berry, Dino Graham, Dan Dale and Darwin Crosby.

New Officers are Brandon Christensen, President. Bob Smith, Vice President, Connie Smith, Secretary. Tammy Christensen, Treasurer. Dewayne Harvill, Parliamentarian. Tammy Davenport volunteered to take over membership.

Darwin Crosby suggested that next year we plan a ride from Minam to Halfway which is about 60 miles, spend the night at Cornucopia and return the next day. Another suggestion is a ride through Union to Kathryn Creek. Both would require trailering sleds.

Dino Graham suggested a ride to Meechum to eat at the restaurant would be fun too.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:00 pm and to celebrate the last meeting of the year the “Steak Out” BBQ began.