Groomers Report

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Groomers Report

Grooming Report March 17th

Groomed out to Bone Springs on Jubilee Road, Skyline Road and back, Elk Trail, Morning Creek Snow Park, to store and back, all other trails are in really good shape as I checked them using the VK. BEWARE of water holes and tree wells as it is spring conditions.

Jess TTF grooming chairman.

Grooming Report March 8th

We have groomed Saturday night, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  We have been down to the Chalet to McDougal and back, Coyote (3719 rd) and back pole trail from Spout, to Morning Creek Snow Park to the shed, store and back.  We have been out Jubilee Rd out Elk Trail, Gordon Trail to Skyline and back to Baldy, Powerline trail, to Target Meadows and around McIntyre Loop to the store.  We went up through Spout to Andies Prairie to 31 rd and back Gordon Creek trail and Balloon Tree loop trail.  The weather warmed up on us Wednesday afternoon and we have not done any more since.  It is supposed to get cold at night starting tonight, so we hope to groom to Bone Springs and back yet this week-end.  Spring weather is coming as this week-end through the middle of next week will be warm temperatures in the 40’s during the day, but cold at night.  We will be grooming in the early morning hours at the coldest time of the day if possible.  Watch for water holes as spring time weather is here.

Logging has resumed on the Shumway loop trail, so we will not be grooming in there. Cecil informed me today that the gates are shut and locked on that part of the trail.   To my knowledge logging continues on the Lugar Loop trail.


Jess Thompson TTF grooming chairman

Grooming Report March 2nd

We groomed out to Bone Springs on Jubilee Rd, Skyline Road, Elk Trail, down to Timothy Guard Station, Timothy Short Cut to 6413 rd back to 11A, from 64 road down to Lugar intersection and back, from 204 to Baldy and back 3 times this week, been to the store and back 3 times, McIntyre Loop, into Target Meadows and back,  Coyote Loop, down to McDougal crossing past the Chalet and back, up through Spout Springs, Woodland, Andies, to 31 rd and back twice, to Ruckel and back, in and out of all snow parks twice Morning Creek 3 times. We are concerned about going around Baldy view point as it has drifted heavily and has a large cornice hanging over the east side, so we will discontinue grooming around that point and just use the back side. Everything is in really good shape with 6-10 inches of new snow on the trails and cold temperatures.  It should be a great week-end.  We did have one minor breakdown on the 08, a sprocket drive stud bolt broke off but we got it repaired Wednesday.  We have a part on order for the 98 but the hay wire is still working.


Jess Thompson TTF  grooming chairman

Grooming Totals for February 2018

For the month of February:

547 miles groomed

91 hours spent grooming

520 gallons of fuel burned

7 1/2 hours maintenance

1 tree removed from trail

794 miles driven to/from mountain by drivers

11 hours driving time


Jess Thompson TTF grooming chairman

Grooming Report February 26th

The part came in for the 08 at 10:30 this morning, 3 of us went up to work on both snow cats.  Thanks go out to Allen and Larry for coming up and helping repair the 08 and work on the 98.  Tucker Snow Cat walked us through electrical check and diagnosis of the problem with the 98.  We definitely need a new fuel shut off solenoid as we were worried we could have a big problem with the electrical system and could burn the ignition system up.  We will be ordering a new shut off solenoid this week, and we think the cost will be @ $500 for the part from Cummings.  The part for the 08 cost $430 and is specially built by Tucker.  We will be grooming this week starting with inner trails and expand to outer trails to get caught up.  The State Highway was working today to get caught up on snow removal as it was a mess this week-end.  We will be doing the same thing.

There is about 2 feet of new snow or more this week-end so we will be using compactor bars to set trail and follow up towards the end of the week with the Idaho drags..  We did groom late today after 3 hours of work, grooming to the store, to Morning Creek Snow Park, to Baldy to make sure the new tie rod end was aligned properly.  Everything on the 08 is working well.


Jess Thompson, TTF Grooming Foreman

Grooming Report February 22nd

This week we have groomed out Jubilee Rd to Bone Springs, McIntyre Loop, to the store and back twice, out through Morning Creek Snow Park twice , Spout, Andies Prairie to Ruckel, and back Gordon Creek Loop, Balloon Tree loop.  We broke a steering component on the 08 and it is on order, won’t be here until Monday.  The 98 is still running with hay wire on the shut off valve on the engine until we can get a new solenoid.  We have most everything done for the week-end and in good shape.  It groomed really well this week due to cold temperatures and new snow.  The water holes are filled in again at Woodland Crossing and hopefully will hold with the cold temperatures.  The water hole at Spout and TenEyke are holding as well.  We have been in and out of all snow parks this week, some twice.


Jess Thompson TTF grooming  chairman

Grooming Report February 16th

We had some good days grooming Thursday and Friday after the big snow of about a foot or more.  We have groomed to Bone Springs, Jubilee Rd, Skyline Rd., Elk Trail, Powerline, Timothy Shortcut back 6413 to 11A.  We also groomed 3719 Coyote to Spout Springs to Woodland Snow Park to the top of the hill.  We groomed to the store and back 3 times and filled the water holes at Woodland Snow Park , TenEyke, and  Spout Springs as the water is down to a trickle in these spots.  We groomed in and out of Morning Creek Snow Park twice, and also Spout Springs and Woodland snow parks.  The snow is dry and powdery, something we have not had much of this winter.  It is supposed to snow this week-end and then get very cold by Monday, single digits in the day with below zero at night.  We have had some trouble with the 98 with the engine shut off but have it running for now until we can fix it permanently.

Jess Thompson TTF grooming chairman


Grooming Report February 13th

I was up on the mountain with one of the other groomer drivers, we took the VK and toured the water holes.  The one at TenEyke Meadows is frozen over on top but water is still running underneath at about half the rate of this past week-end.  Spout Springs Marsh is holding with less water running under it as well.  Woodland crossing has washed out.  There is about a 4 foot gap in the trail with water still running from 2 different directions through it.  The trails are hard as we burned hi-fax on the VK so better have your scratchers down on your sleds.  There is 2-4 inches of snow in the forecast for mid-week but not more than that.  The trails are in good shape with only small bumps.  Rocks and stumps are showing through above the Spout summer home area and the back side of Baldy as well as bare ground there.  Going around the point at Baldy there is about 200 yards of bare pavement.  Road banks are bare as well as places in the trees.  Again, it looks like late March.

I did groom Saturday February 10 to Morning Creek and back twice and to Baldy and back.  The snow was very hard and the groomer just wants to go up and down over the bumps.  I did smooth it up some.

We’ll see what happens the rest of this week.



Jess Thompson TTF grooming chairman.

Grooming Report For February 9th

I have been up on the mountain again checking water holes.  The one at TenEyke Meadow is only 1 snowmobile wide to cross.  I stopped and stepped off either side of the snowmobile and almost fell through into flowing water.  We will not be grooming across this area until it freezes up and stops flowing.  Even though it will be cold over the week-end into next week, it could take several days for that to freeze over like the last time it was open water.  The snow bridges at Spout and Woodland have deteriorated even more, but still holding.  The one at Woodland has started to cave in, but is 4-5 feet wide.  Water is flowing like a small creek underneath the bridge.  The trails are about the same, small bumps, there are rocks showing through from Spout to Woodland and stumps as well. We will not be grooming from Spout to Woodland crossing to preserve snow bridges.   When the snow freezes up this week-end, it is going to be hard due to all the rain from last week-end.  There isn’t any snow to speak of in the forecast for the next several days, so we won’t see any soft snow on top of the hard trails.  We will do some grooming this week-end, but most trails are in good shape other than what has already been mentioned.  It is much like March conditions right now.  Watch out for water holes, and tree wells as they have opened up.


Jess Thompson TTF grooming chairman

Grooming Report for February 6th

I went up today to check trails and water crossings.  The trails are good, just small bumps like in late spring you can ride 30-40 mph and the roughest spot is between the FS work center and Morning Creek Snow Park.  I could still ride that at 20 mph.  It was a wet fog and the snow is wet with a little new wet snow on top. We have lost 15-16 inches of snow with only @ 16 inches left at the grooming shed.    We won’t be able to groom  until possibly later this week when we have a cold front coming through into the week-end.  Even though it has been freezing at night in some locations, the snow is still wet as it was this morning. During the day it is above freezing.  By Thursday it is to be in the mid 40’s.   Crossings are starting to erode, especially TenEyke Meadow.  The water there is running over the top of that crossing, it is still hard and passable but won’t hold much longer with water flowing across it.  Spout Springs marsh area is holding, but eroding the sides of the trail in 3 places.  Woodland crossing is down to 4-5 feet wide, but holding with water running underneath.  I rode on Coyote,  (3719 rd) it is in good shape as well as out to Baldy on Jubilee Rd.  Mud Flats down towards the Chalet is mud flats literally.  The snow is pretty much gone below the store.


Wish I had better news.

Jess Thompson TTF grooming chairman

Grooming report for week ending Feb 2, 2018

This week we have groomed 2 days using both snow cats. We have groomed to Bone Springs, Skyline, Jubilee Rd, Elk Trail, Powerline, McIntyre, Coyote, up through Spout Springs to Woodland 4 times, to Andies Prairie 4 times, out towards Ruckle and back. Also groomed to Morning Creek to the store and back 4 times, We have smoothed it up the best we can as grooming conditions were not the best, the snow was still wet underneath. I know there is a lot of frustration out there that the trails are not smooth all the time, especially this last week-end, but as soon as we get snow and weather to groom, we groom as hard as we can and then it warms up and rains again as it did this last week-end. The weather has really dealt us a bad situation this year, but we are not alone in the state with this frustration. We now have warm weather AGAIN, starting Friday, with rain through Monday and warm weather continuing until possibly Thursday of this coming week. As I said before, I can’t groom slush or wet snow. I check all my sources every week to make decisions on when to groom and how to groom. This includes multiple times a day of checking SnoTell sites, ODOT, clubhouse weather station and NOAA forecast. I also run up the mountain 2-3 times a week to check conditions myself, riding the snowmobile from the groomer shed to check water hole situations and trails. I also talk to other people who are on the mountain as well. Each week it is not an easy decision as to what to do and when to do it, but that is my job. On a year like this it makes it really tough and people are frustrated. On years like the last two, my job is so much easier when we have a lot of snow and cold temperatures and few complaints. I don’t get paid to run up and down the mountain and check conditions, or run parts for the groomer, or do the paperwork that it takes to satisfy the state, as I am accountable to OSSA and the state for the way I operate their equipment. I can’t control the weather and we are doing the best we can with what it sends us.

Jess Thompson TTF grooming chairman

January grooming statistics

miles groomed 338.5
hours spent grooming 49.7
fuel burned grooming 303.4
trees removed from trail 7
hours maintenance 2.5
miles driven to/from mountain 494
hours spent driving to/from mountain 9.5

January 25th 2018

This week we have groomed out to Bone Springs, Jubilee Rd, Timothy Shortcut, back 6413, Skyline Rd, Elk Trail, powerline, McIntyre loop, to the store, Ten Eyck Meadow, bladed the sides of the clubhouse, crossed the highway out to Coyote Rd and back, went to Morning Creek Snowpark, out to Spout Springs, Woodland, Andies Prairie, to Ruckle and back, Balloon Tree loop and Gordon Creek loop.  We have almost 1 1/2 feet of new snow this week and cold temperatures so we had 2 good days to groom after the big snow.  Tomorrow the weather is supposed to change to warmer temperatures with rain/snow on Saturday night, rain on Sunday.  We still have not groomed to the Chalet as the snow along the highway is not deep enough to make a trail near Hill Camp.  Other than that, all the trails are in good shape as well as snow parks and highway crossings.

We have had some trouble with the track adjuster on the 08, other than that the machines are running well.


Jess Thompson TTF grooming chairman

January 20th 2018

We did get up to do some grooming on Friday of this week with some new snow and cold temperatures.  We went out to Bone Springs, grooming Jubilee Road and Skyline Road, Elk Trail,  McIntyre Loop, Coyote Loop, up through Spout Springs to Woodland Snow Park, through Morning Creek Snow Park.  Conditions for grooming were not ideal as we need more new snow on top of the old wet snow, but we did smooth the trails up as best we could.  I did break the snow bridge at Spout Springs swamp area, refilled it with snow, but don’t know if that will hold.  The water is eroding the crossing at Woodland, it is barely wide enough for the groomer.  Even pushing snow in it is not keeping it from melting out.  Water is flowing in the ditches along the roads, and across Elk Trail in one place.  We are on bare ground coming around McIntyre and also the back side of Baldy.  There are places on Skyline where we are almost on bare ground as well.  We are doing the best we can in this short snow season with warm temperatures.


Jess Thompson, TTF grooming chairman

January 13th Grooming Report

I was on the mountain on Friday this week.  We have gotten 6-8 inches of new wet snow with a total about 1 1/2 feet at the groomer shed.  The temperature was 39 degrees, too warm to groom and the snow is too wet to work.  It would just ball up into snowballs.  We really need cold weather and more snow, good snow, to groom.  Grooming programs across the state are having the same problem.  Lack of snow and warm temperatures parking most groomers. The rest of the week-end does not look good for grooming as temperatures are going to be in the high 30’s (it is 37 at Tollgate right now, Saturday at 10:30 a.m. with ODOT report of light rain), and night time temperatures are too warm to freeze up the snow.  There is more rain in the forecast the first of next week, warm temperatures.

Wish I had better news.

Jess Thompson TTF grooming chaiarman

January 4th 2018

We have not done much grooming since the rain that began last week just before New Years. Two of my drivers were at their cabins this week-end, keeping me informed on conditions, and I have been on the mountain Saturday and Monday checking out trails and water holes.   We have lost more than half of the snow that we had, with about a foot left at the groomer shed and also a foot at Andies Prairie Snow Stake.  Not a surprise, all drainages have started to flow, which has caused trail erosion, especially at TenEyke Meadow.  The water there is backed up from Highway 204 clear out into the meadow washing out our crossing. We will not be able to fix that crossing until we get cold temperatures and a lot more snow.   We also have holes in the trail near the Looking Glass Crossing between the work center and Morning Creek crossing.  The water has opened  small holes at Spout Springs in a couple of places.  The snow bridges across these openings are thin, barely a foot deep, and if we take the groomer across them and break the snow bridge, the flowing water underneath will keep it washed out.  There is also water flowing across the Elk Trail in one spot.  The snow has melted off of Baldy on the back side, leaving the ground bare in places, and around the point is bare like it usually is in the late spring.  WE REALLY NEED for it to STAY COLD and a LOT OF NEW SNOW so we can bridge these water holes and resume grooming.  We did groom this week up to Morning Creek Snow Park and back and out to Baldy and back, repaired the ruts at the HIghway 204/Jubilee Rd intersection.  I am hoping the water holes will stay covered near the Looking Glass.  The snow is like ice crystals or like sugar snow, so it fills in the holes but doesn’t freeze so it won’t hold and be a smooth trail.  We need new snow to mix in with that so we can work it and set a trail.  Fortunately most trails are not in really bad shape, just rough in the corners. Rain is in the forecast for Friday, freezing rain and then snow into Saturday.  Not much accumulation expected.  Wish I had better news.

Jess Thompson, TTF grooming chairman

December 29th 2017

This week we groomed out to Bone Springs, Jubilee Rd, Skyline Rd, Elk Trail, McIntyre Loop, Coyote Loop twice, out through Spout Springs to Woodland twice, to Ruckle Shelter, Balloon Tree Loop, Gordon Creek Loop, been to the store and back to the grooming shed 3 times, opened all snow parks and highway crossings twice.  The weather has now turned on us, starting Wednesday afternoon, Thursday wet snow and now Friday rain and 38 degree temperatures.  We won’t be able to groom until we see colder temperatures, hopefully by Sunday or Monday.  The snow will need to freeze back up again.

December 2017 grooming statistics

Total miles groomed               218

Total hours spent grooming       38

Total fuel burned                     203

Trees removed from trail            3

Maintenance hours                    1

Miles driven to/from Mt           334

Hours spent driving to/from Mt   6 1/2

Happy New Year!

Jess Thompson TTF grooming chairman

December 22nd 2017

We have finally gotten new snow with more on the way for this week-end, we will be out grooming highway crossings and snow parks, inner trails this week-end.  At present time there is at least 8-10 inches of new snow and about 14-16 inches at the groomer shed. With low temperatures and new snow the water holes at Spout Springs and Woodland Snow Park crossing were starting to freeze on Thursday when I was on the mountain.  We should be able to fill those in and make a trail this week-end. We will be working on outer trails after Christmas.  Reports are that the trails are still in good shape.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.

Jess Thompson, grooming chairman

Groomer’s Report


Jess Thompson TTF grooming chairman

December 2017

As you know we are having a slow start to snowmobiling season with a lack of snow.  The groomers are ready to go, but we need more snow, 18 inches or more, to start.  We need to cover rocks and stumps, so we don’t damage equipment.  Everyone needs to do a snow dance so we can get this season going! Thanks to Buckshot Carter for tuning our chain saws up and sharpening the chains.  We had to buy one new bar for a big saw as it was getting worn out.  I have been doing odds and ends at the groomer shed to make sure everything is ready. The snow line is up and working, and I will try to leave a message on it every week with any updates that snowmobilers need to know.Revised trail maps have been printed and are out to all the advertisers and chamber of commerces in the area.  There is a box at the clubhouse.

Groomer’s Report October 2017

The 08 is back on the mountain thanks to Denny Farwell, district 7 & 8 director who brought it back to us. It is fully serviced and ready to go. We finished working on the 98 this month, reinstalling the repaired fuel tank, and rear tie rod. It is fully serviced and ready to go. I worked on the roof of the grooming shed again on the south side, replacing screws and putting tar over the screws. Hopefully that will fix the water leak over our bench. Thanks to the groomer guys for all their work this summer, and to Tucker Snow Cat for repairing the 08.
Jess Thompson, grooming chairman

PS. The former Skyline Club members put a cord of wood in the Ruckel Shelter this last week. Thanks to Bernie Chapman and Rod Morrow for donating wood for this purpose. Ruckel Shelter is ready for the winter.

Summer Groomer Work 7-13-17

Thanks to everyone that helped this year, especially my groomer drivers: Allen, Kurt, Larry, Doug Watson our new driver, and our newest trainee, Jeff Wagner who just started. These guys kept the groomers running this year, so I really thank them for that. Thank the people that worked on trails, especially down on the Shumway: Bob, Cecil, Tristan and Brandon. Special thanks to Cecil Barry for patrolling trails and letting me know if there was a problem, and for locking the shelters at the end of the season. Thanks for everyone’s support, I had a lot of good comments this year.

March totals:

260 miles groomed
48 hours spent grooming
306 gallons of fuel used
14 1/2 hours maintenance
1 tree removed from trail
470 miles driven too/from mountain by drivers
9 hours driving time.
Totals for the year:
2,410 miles groomed
379 hours spent grooming
2,478 gallons fuel used
49 trees removed
32 1/2 hours maintenance
2,330 miles driven too/from the mountain by drivers
46 hours driving time
Thanks for your support TTF!!